UCSF/SFGH Dean's Office - Computing & Network Services
Logging into the DPH Web Systems


The new DPH Web Systems website allows you to access Invision-LCR or Softmed-ESA.
This website is accessible only from the SFGH Clinical subnets ( and NOT the networks).
You need to use Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 browser or greater to gain access to this website.

  1. Access the DPH Web Systems website.

    Note: Your browser must have the Citrix ICA Client (ActiveX) for 32-bit Windows. If your system doesn't detect its existence, a little warning will appear underneath the HelpDesk number on the website. You may click on the Citirx ICA Web Client icon to install it or call CNS at 206-5126 for assistance in installing it on your computer.

  2. Enter your DPH Windows 2000 Active Directory (AD) username (Firstname Lastname) and password as shown below.

  3. Depending on your level of access, click on the Invision LCR icon or the Softmed-ESA icon in the "Your Portal Desktop" sub-window.

  4. If you click Invision LCR, the following window will appear. Use your Invision ID and password to login to Invision.

  5. If you click Softmed-ESA, the following window will appear. Use your ESA User ID and password to login to ESA.

Revised: 3-15-2006