UCSF/SFGH Dean's Office - Computing & Network Services
Using DPH Secure Computing Tokens

  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to http://dph-citrix.sfdph.org or

  2. Enter your Citrix Username. (Usually “FirstName Lastname”).

  3. Enter the Safeword password as it appears on the Token display. (Note: If you are not sure whether character is a number or letter, it is probably a number. i.e. 0 vs O).

  4. Next enter your DPH Citrix or Windows Active Directory password. And click the Log On button.

  5. You will now be connected to your Citrix environment. Click on the desired application.

  6. When finished click the Log Off button. The LCR login screen is shown below.

  7. Click Yes when asked if you are sure you want to logout and close the browser.

Revised: 3-17-2006